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Help Desk Services

Outsource your help desk
services to us 24/7.

Let AnswerNet be your help desk support
for products, services or IT.

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Help Desk Customer Support Options - Products, Services & IT

Products, services and IT sometimes fail to work.


AnswerNet can help resolve these issues, helping you retain customers.


Our staff triages each call, opening a trouble ticket and escalating calls to your appropriate staff member in any format you desire (live patch, voicemail, or email).


AnswerNet can also process support orders, and create and dispatch invoicing if that is part of your help desk and customer support structure.


Save time and money when AnswerNet resolves low-level or common issues. We can dedicate agents that are trained to diagnose problems and help customers fix them. Your expensive technical personnel are reserved for if and when there is a need to escalate the call.


Do your customers' product or service problems require field repair? We'll dispatch pages to your field staff.


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